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College Students

Save time and money by planning long term

College advising focused on finding the right career path to maximize happiness and fulfillment for your future


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students admitted to post-secondary education 


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College Students

Why plan for a career while striving for college?

  • Exploring career paths allow students to experience different professions to intentionally plan for their college search

  • Curating a tailored college resume by maximizing high school years through activity planning, personalized timelines, and enrolling in the right classes.

  • Understand required qualifications to achieve career ambitions with college being the foundation to a successful future 

Alex Reyes | San Ramon, CA - New York University

Hear from California College and Career Consulting Alumni 


I couldn’t have imagined applying to college without Tiffany’s help. I seriously looked forward to every meeting I had with her. She was not only my advisor, but also a great friend. She understood what I was trying to get across in my college application essays and was able to help me express myself in a thoughtful manner. I was able to get into the nursing program at my dream school, Dominican University, and Tiffany played a huge part in this life accomplishment. I still text her updates and am so happy to have a lifelong friend.



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