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Interested in working with Tiffany 1:1 for either college application assistance or career services? Sign up for a consultation. 

Tiffany shares insights on college and career strategies including college campus tours. Tune in! 

Read what customers have to say about working with Tiffany. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 

College Application E-Series (coming August 17, 2022!)

Comprehensive college application assistance through video course work with resources including templates, brainstorming strategies, checklists. 

We email you advice for a successful college application process directly to your inbox. 

Subscribe to College and Career Champion podcast where we cover all things college and career. 

About Tiffany Phu

Why work with Tiffany?

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Tiffany is a certified Career Service Provider and College Consultant. She has a College Counseling certificate from UCSD and been helping hundreds of students successfully apply to college for nearly a decade. She focuses on developing career interests with students and guides them in strategies for employment through college access.

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