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Grade 8 & 9 students smiling from the help of a college counselor

Grade 8 & Grade 9 College Counseling

For Age Group 8th to 9th



Find the Right Admissions Support

Should your family hire a college counselor? Would you benefit from the experience and insight of admissions experts? These are important questions, and together we’ll support your student and help you navigate the admissions landscape.

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Lay the Groundwork

From choosing the right classes, to improving your test scores, to learning how to communicate effectively to teachers and counselors, we’ll help your student hone important skills as they start their path towards college.

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Become a Competitive College Applicant

Students who work with us will build on  their individual strengths and create strong study skills and habits so they can thrive both in and out of the classroom. With a combination of guidance from our leadership team, in-person meetings, online resources, and a personalized student dashboard, you'll never have to worry that your student has missed a step.

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Maximize Your High School Years

Establish the foundation for a competitive college application through curated writing assignments, activity planning, and personalized timelines for standardized testing.

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Thrive in High School

The most successful high school students make an impact doing things they enjoy. We help students identify their strengths, find opportunities to utilize and enhance them, and connect those skills to the bigger picture of college admissions.

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Ready to tackle the admissions process?

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