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Grade 10 & Grade 11 College Counseling

For Age Group 10th to 11th



Find the Right Admissions Support

Should your family hire a college counselor? Would you benefit from the experience and insight of admissions experts? These are important questions, and together we’ll support your student and help you navigate the admissions landscape.

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Create a Strategic Admissions Plan

Do you understand colleges and what it takes to get into them? From college research, to essays, to course selection and testing, you’ll have admissions experts in your corner offering valuable feedback to ensure your student submits a strong application.

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Make Your Final College Decision

Having too many great college acceptances to choose from is a problem we want every student to have. We’ll help your student evaluate their options and make the right choice about where to spend the next four years.

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Thrive in High School

What makes your student special? Success in high school is about more than good grades and strong test scores. The college admissions process should inspire them to bring out their very best and connect their strengths to the bigger picture.

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Apply to College!

Ready to confidently hit submit and avoid that last-minute panic? With a combination of  guidance from our team, meetings, online resources, and constant communication so you'll never have to worry that your student has missed a step

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Ready to tackle the admissions process?

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