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College Admissions Counseling

College advising focused on finding the right career path to maximize happiness and fulfillment for the future through 1:1 coaching, online courses, and free resources.

Why plan for a career while striving for college?

Career Paths

Exploring career paths allow students to experience different professions to intentionally plan for their college search.


Curating a tailored college resume by maximizing high school years through activity planning, personalized timelines, and enrolling in the right classes.


Understand required qualifications to achieve career ambitions with college being the foundation to a successful future 

Options to get started on your college & career journey

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About Tiffany Phu

Owner of College & Career Champion

Hi there! I am a college and career coach of nearly a decade. I am a certified career service provider (CCSP), published in the National Career Development Association, and have a certificate from College Counseling. I'm quite proud that my YouTube channel is one of the fastest growing focused on college and career.


Gratitude and inspiration led me to enter the career services space to advocate, guide, and empower individuals who are looking to improve their future either pursuing a new career path, applying to a four year college, vocational training programs, or even a gap year(s). Here is a high level of my background...