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Why College Consulting?

Challenging & Competitive

Students are overwhelmed with juggling multiple AP/Honors courses, extracurricular activies, and a social life. With 3,200+ colleges to choose from and a variety of different application processes, the challenge and competitiveness applying to college is constantly building. 

Navigation & Preparation

Tiffany's experience reading scholarship essays for UC Berkeley, job applications to Google, and student mentoring allows her to understand each applicant and create specialized action plans to build on each individual's strengths. She is well equipped to help families navigate and prepare for the complicated college application process.

Maximizing Potential

Tiffany is passionate about inspiring students to be the best version of themselves and values having fun. Life can be fast-paced, but she encourages her applicants to pause and evaluate all of their accomplishments and tactfully articulate their personal stories to stand out of the crowd. Everyone is capable as long as they're willing to maximize their potential. 

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